Robbie Williams' special 50th plans includes family time and 'Turkey teeth'

Robbie Williams planned to treat himself to 'Turkey teeth' for his 50th

Robbie Williams turns 50
Robbie Williams turns 50. (Getty)

Rock star Robbie Williams is celebrating his 50th birthday in style on Tuesday.

Despite his wild youth, Williams is very much a family man as seen in his Netflix docuseries and he has special plans to spend his birthday with his wife Ayda Field Williams and their four children - Teddy, 11, Charlie, nine, Colette (Coco), five and Beau, three.

As well as his low-key plans with his family, his mum Jan Williams told the BBC that "he never liked birthday parties". Looking back to when the pop star was a boy, she remembered: "I’d say 'are we going to have a party this year?' And he'd say 'no mum'."

And although he doesn't like parties, the singing superstar revealed his plans to treat himself for his birthday. Williams has been open about his experience of going through the "manopause" - the male experience of the menopause that includes thinning hair, reduced sex drive, insomnia and lethargy.

Turkey teeth

Robbie Williams said he has been experiencing 'manopause'. (Getty)
Robbie Williams said he has been experiencing 'manopause'. (Getty)

Ahead of turning 50, Williams said he would like to get "Turkey teeth" - and even a neck lift - to mark the milestone in an interview with The Sun.

Late last year, he told the newspaper: "I think people’s image of plastic surgery or getting work done is based on bad examples. They’re not realising that most people in the entertainment ­industry have had it done but you wouldn’t know – 90 per cent is pretty decent."

Williams had planned to get a consultation about his teeth around Christmas time. He elaborated: "I’m also getting my Turkey teeth done – I am looking about for the people that do the best teeth. I want to see examples where you go, ‘Oh, I didn’t know you’d had it done…’

"I don’t want TV teeth. I will do it and I will get a neck lift too. I’m gifting that to myself next year. There just needs a bit of help, that’s all. I’m going for a consultation around Christmas – my 50th birthday present to myself."

Robbie Williams' family plans

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field Williams have been married for nearly 14 years
Robbie Williams and Ayda Field Williams have been married for nearly 14 years. (Getty)

His wife Ayda Field Williams shared her plans to spoil the mega star on his birthday with lots of family quality time and love with the help of their four children. And while their plans would be "simple", there would definitely be a birthday cake.

She told HELLO!: "We are going to spoil him with lots of time and love with the children and keep it simple and small. There will be cake. The man loves his cake."

Having been married for almost 14 years and with plans to renew their vows next year, the pair always make time for each other as a couple. She elaborated: "We went out for a date night recently and we don't get to do that often so it was really nice...

"It usually involves Rob and I having dinner, or I go to his shows when the kids are asleep – even though there are 80,000 people there, it's just us backstage after the gig. It's a challenge finding that time with four kids, but when we do, we make sure we laugh and connect."

His mum Jan Williams said the Let Me Entertain You star would have a party - but it would just be for his children and his family. She told the BBC: "He is an absolutely lovely dad and he knows it and that’s what he wanted to be, a good dad. He can be a bit strict – and they know when he’s not messing about."

His dad Pete Conway couldn't believe that time had passed them by. "Where has 50 years gone?" He said. "It's been a whirlwind but what a pleasure, an absolute pleasure."

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