Robbie Williams transforms into Boris Johnson for 'Can't Stop Christmas' video

Watch: Robbie Williams becomes Boris Johnson for music video

Robbie Williams has been transformed into Boris Johnson for the music video for his festive track Can't Stop Christmas.

The new tune puts a spin on classic Christmas songs by making reference to the coronavirus, with the video depicting the prime minister at one of his all-too-familiar briefings.

The video starts with Williams, 46, as himself turning on the television to see him as Johnson standing in between two figures who – while not credited as such – bear something of a resemblance to chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance and England’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty.

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Robbie Williams transformed into Boris Johnson for the music video. (YouTube/Robbie Williams)
Robbie Williams was transformed into Boris Johnson for the music video. (YouTube/Robbie Williams)

Williams dons a blonde wig for his impersonation along with a suit, and swaps his LA tan for a much more pasty complexion complete with prosthetics to give him a fuller face.

Meanwhile, the typical NHS slogan on the front of their podiums is replaced by the words “Can't stop Christmas”.

A lookalike of Johnson's predecessor Theresa May also makes an appearance, coming into the scene to compete with him in a dance-off.

As she makes her entrance, the May figure strokes a vase filled with wheat, a reference to the real May’s infamous “running through fields of wheat” anecdote.

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The lyrics to the track see Williams reference many of the things that have come to prominence over the pandemic, including hand sanitiser and video calls.

Theresa May also makes an appearance. (YouTube/Robbie Williams).
Theresa May also makes an appearance. (YouTube/Robbie Williams).

One verse sees him sing: "If you're wondering what I like/Stacks of sanitiser will do fine/I guess you do your shopping online/The high street lights are out/There's nobody about."

The former Take That star doesn’t think he is in contention for a Christmas No 1, however – he has said his days of topping the singles chart are over.

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