Robbie Williams confuses Heart Radio presenters with bizarre naked interview

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Robbie Williams confuses Heart Radio presenters with bizarre naked interview

Robbie Williams turned up to a video interview on Heart Radio with no clothes on, leaving presenters Jamie Theakston and Zoe Hardman baffled.

In footage shared on Twitter on Monday (8 August), the singer, 48, could be seen appearing on video call from his bed.

“Um, are you naked?” Theakston asked, to which Williams replied: “Yeah I’ll show you…”

Moving his camera down his body and pulling the covers up to expose his upper thigh, he added: “And then I’ll show you this bit of me.”

Hardman interjected “No more, thanks, Robbie.”

“I’m completely naked, yeah,” the singer then confirmed.

A confused Theakston asked him: “You knew we were having an interview this morning – why didn’t you take it any more seriously? Why are you just lying in bed naked?”

Williams replied: “Because I think that people need to be more authentic when they do interviews and be more relaxed.”

Williams’s new single, “Lost”, is out now, ahead of the release of his album, XXV, on 9 September.

He previously said that he is going back in time with the new record. “I’ve decided to go back to 1995. I’ve just left Take That. And now, with the knowledge, musical knowledge that I have, what would be the album that I would make?” he said.

He told The Telegraph: “I’m also creating art. I’ve written a TV show. I’ve also designed my own clothing line. I’ve also created my own drink. I want to build a hotel. I want to create something big in business.

“What else? There’s loads. Talent competition. I wrote another musical. It’s just limitless and it’s endless…I’m going to be a very, very busy man.”