Robbie Williams' four-year-old daughter gives rare insight into what star is like as a dad

Despite Robbie Williams and wife Ayda Field’s very public live-blogging of Charlton ‘Charlie’ Valentine’s birth back in October 2014, the pair have always been incredibly private about their children.

Alongside Charlie, Ayda and Robbie are also mum and dad to four-year-old Theodora ‘Teddy’ Rose, and despite his usual privacy rules Robbie couldn’t resist publicly sharing a sweet portrait drawn by his daughter with his 924k Instagram followers.

Robbie shared the sweet image on Instagram.

Gently poking fun at the tot’s skills, 43-year-old Robbie pointed out that he looks remarkably like comic Jimmy Carr in the drawing.

He also shared a piece of schoolwork that Teddy had filled out about her dad, with the little girl asked to complete sentences about her parent – presumably in honour of Father’s Day on Sunday.

Describing her superstar dad, Teddy’s piece read: “My dad’s name is Robert, he is 40 years old.

“His favourite colour is all of the colours, his favourite food is potatoes, some sauce and salad.

Teddy dished the dirt on her famous dad.

“My dad always says ‘I love you’ and then I say ‘NO I LOVE YOU THE MOST!

“He cooks the best salad in a pile. My dad’s job is he works and he is a singer. He always laughs when we make each other laugh.

“When he has some time he likes to swim with me. We like to play together. My dad likes to snuggle with me.

“I love my dad because he is silly.”

Robbie live-blogged his wife Ayda’s labour in 2014.

Robbie captioned the photo with: “Bless – Teddy thinks I’m 40, eat carbs and look like Jimmy Carr”.

In spite of the lighthearted remark, many of Robbie’s fans were excited to be given a rare insight into what the star is like as a father, with some of his followers commenting:

“Oh bless, this is so cute.”

“Sounds like you’re an amazing father. Best review ever.”

“How cute is that?? Love the bit about snuggling, precious times.”


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