'Rocking Chair Rebellion' Climate Protesters Arrested in Front of Citibank Headquarters

Members of a climate activist group known as the “Rocking Chair Rebellion” were arrested after protesting in front of Citigroup’s offices in New York City on Thursday, June 13, footage shows.

Footage filmed and posted to X by the Climate Defenders shows members of the Rocking Chair Rebellion, a climate activist group mainly comprising retired individuals, protesting and singing in front of the Citi Headquarters in Manhattan, holding a large sign that reads “This bank has a climate problem.”

Police officers are seen leading a few handcuffed members away from the protest.

Thursday’s demonstration marks the fourth day in a row that activists are protesting in front of Citigroup’s offices as part of the Summer of Heat on Wall Street campaign targeting the major finance firm. Credit: Climate Defenders via Storyful

Video transcript

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It's a climate emergency.

Citibank is a criminal bank.

It's investing our money in new fossil fuel projects.

How stupid is that if you're on the board or the CEO of what you're doing is you're burning up the planet.

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Why are you getting arrested?

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