Ronan Keating issues withering take on ‘jealous’ Louis Walsh in rediscovered audio recording

A 2006 recording of Ronan Keating branding his former manager Louis Walsh “jealous” and “selfish” has been rediscovered.

The former X Factor judge has been in the spotlight recently thanks to his time on the ongoing season of Celebrity Big Brother, during which he has shared unfiltered opinions on several of his showbiz colleagues.

Infamously, Walsh, 71, had a falling out with Keating, 47, after the ex-Boyzone star relieved him of his managing duties. The former colleagues have not seen eye to eye in the decades since.

Days after the Irish music executive hit out at Keating during a chat with fellow housemate Sharon Osbourne, The Sun has published a recording from 2006 in which the singer shared some disparaging feelings towards his one-time manager.

Speaking to celebrity biographer Rob McGibbon, Keating recalled having a good relationship with Walsh in the early stages of his career.

“Listen, I’m grateful to Louis for what he did for me when I joined Boyzone, helped us out,” he said. “But after that, we kind of made our own success. I was offended because we were very close, very good friends.

“We put Westlife together. We were... it was more than just working together, we were friends, we’d call each other, talk about music, we’d go for dinner, we’d hang out, you know? And I liked his company, and I think he liked mine.”

Ronan Keating and Louis Walsh (Getty)
Ronan Keating and Louis Walsh (Getty)

In the recording, Keating goes on to state that Walsh was “not managing” him as he should have as a solo artist.

“I don’t have any time for the guy, we’re a million miles from each other,” he added. “He hurt me, he really hurt me. He hurt me, absolutely, and he knows it.

"I’ve no respect for Louis because he has none for me. He was very jealous of me. I had to sack him because he wouldn’t manage me.”

Keating continued: “He’s a very selfish character. It’s bulls*** man. He’s a bulls***ter.”

The Independent has reached out to representatives of Ronan Keating and Louis Walsh for further comment.

Louis Walsh launches expletive attack on Boyzone’s Ronan Keating (Big Brother/ITV)
Louis Walsh launches expletive attack on Boyzone’s Ronan Keating (Big Brother/ITV)

Earlier this month, Walsh shared his feelings about Keating as the singer’s 2000 hit track “Life is a Rollercoaster” played during a party in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

After describing it as a “great song”, Walsh said of Keating to Sharon Osbourne: “He was such a p****. Everybody thinks he’s a lovely guy, do you know what I mean?”

Walsh then claimed: “He hasn’t had a hit record since I left. He sacked me.”

Elsewhere, Walsh also hit out at former X Factor contestants Jedward, labelling the twins “vile”, which led to the pair issuing their own unimpressed responses online.

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