Rosetta Takes Picture Of ‘260ft Alien Corpse’ On Comet

When the Rosetta probe landed on a comet hurtling through space, nobody believed that it would discover undeniable proof of the existence of aliens.

Well, prepare to be amazed because that is exactly what it has found - if you have a wild imagination, that is.

This picture, taken from the 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko comet gives us a detailed look at the incredible sights that Rosetta sees every day.

And one of those sights is an alien body that is approximately 260ft long, according to one UFO hunter.

Scott C Waring, who edits the UFO Sightings Daily website, is convinced that he can see the corpse of some kind of gigantic extraterrestrial on the surface.

He wrote: I found an alien body… decomposed and bones are all thats left.

“The bones look metallic and the lower body bones are spread out.

“The skull of the alien is clear with the neck and the lower chest and ribs.”

Casually dismissing the find as “nothing too extraordinary”, he added: “It is 80 meters tall if it stood up on its legs.

“This according to the measurement ruler in the bottom right hand corner of the photo.”

Has he stumbled on to a game-changing discovery? Or is it just a rock? Tough one.

Pics: ESA/Rosetta