Ross Kemp: I love Christmas Day, it's mayhem!

Ross Kemp reveals what Christmas Day will be like for his family credit:Bang Showbiz
Ross Kemp reveals what Christmas Day will be like for his family credit:Bang Showbiz

Ross Kemp says his house will be “mayhem” on Christmas Day thanks to his children and his Golden Retriever dog.

The 58-year-old actor says the festive season is his "favourite time of year" but admits the main day itself will be very busy for him and his wife Renee O'Brien because they will have a house full of over-excited kids, a dog running about until he takes his mutt mate for a walk and the turkey roast and all the trimmings to cook.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, Ross - who lives in Berkshire with Renee and their son Leo and twin daughters Ava and Kitty - said: "I love it, it is absolutely my favourite time of year.

"Christmas is really important for me, my mum and my dad are getting older, I’ve got four kids and they come first and I’ve a wife and I’ve got a Golden Retriever so it’s mayhem, and I love it.

“Christmas will be what it normally is. Up early, because the kids are up at the crack of dawn, then downstairs and open presents. A couple of glasses of something nice, then get the turkey in.

"I live surrounded by National Trust land so take the dog for a walk, back in and then the preparation of said turkey and whatever it maybe. We’re going to do a vegetarian nut roast as well this year. Starters, nibbles, more drink, then the big event, then collapse in front of the fire."

Once the meal is over, Ross - who also has a son with his ex-partner Nicola Coleman - and Renee and their kids will settle down in front of the television for some family viewing.

The documentary maker shot to fame playing hardman Grant Mitchell on 'EastEnders' and he is happy to watch the soap's Christmas special if BBC One is on in his house.

When asked if he will be tuning into the Albert Square festive drama, Ross said: "Why not!"

He added: "I live in an old cold house so there’s loads of fires going. I’ve resisted putting a television into the big drawing room for ages, but I’ve done it now and I am loving the TV.

"We were all crouched around a little TV in the kitchen, I don’t know what possessed me to think that was a good idea.

"We’ve now got a really big TV and it’s quite nice to sit on the sofa – and I don’t do it all the time – and just enjoy the TV."