Rotterdam Metro Train Plows Through Stop Block, Dangles on Artwork

A metro train crashed through a buffer stop and landed on a 10-metre-high artwork near De Akkers station in Spijkenisse, Netherlands, on November 1, according to officials.

Police and additional emergency service were en route to respond with no injuries yet reported, a Twitter post by the Rotterdam Police Operational Center Unit read. Local reports said the incident happened just before midnight.

Killian Lindenburg filmed video from the scene which showed the metro train stopping at a shark-tail-like art statue at the end of the rail. The front base of the train has been severally scratched and electric lines are seen dangling from the damaged carriage, the videos showed.

“A metro shifted through the ending of the rail, smashing the wood and concrete and ended several meters beyond the ending of the platform. A work of art saved it from falling down, saving the drivers life,” Lindenburg told Storyful.

Located in Spijkenisse, De Akkers metro station serves as the terminus of Line C and D of the Rotterdam Metro. Credit: Killian Lindenburg via Storyful