Roxanne Pallett's former on-screen husband brands her 'evil'

Kelvin Fletcher (Credit: Hello)
Kelvin Fletcher (Credit: Hello)

Kelvin Fletcher, who played Roxanne Pallett’s husband on Emmerdale, has branded the actress ‘evil’ following her behaviour on Celebrity Big Brother.

Pallett quit the house on Friday, after accusing fellow housemate Ryan Thomas of assaulting her during a play fight that was caught on camera.

Thomas was given an official warning because of Pallett’s tearful complaint, but housemates and the public overwhelmingly sided with Thomas.

“She. Is. Evil,” tweeted Fletcher, who played Andy Sugden on the ITV soap, husband to Pallett’s character Jo Sugden.

“She’s not ‘mentally ill’ or in need of ‘help’. That denounces that people with actual mental health issues are as vindictive and menacing as her. They are not. There is a big difference. That was calculated and manipulative beyond belief. Ryan .

“Poor Ryan looks broken. What about HIS mental health? #CBB.”

Pallett has since admitted that she ‘got it wrong’.

In an interview with Jeremy Vine this morning, she said: “After it happened I just felt like, I don’t know how to explain… my mind ran away with me.

“I’m a sensitive person, my friends and family can vow to that, everything in that house was so heightened, a look, a comment, an action.

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“Your insecurities are heightened, your sensitivities, the only thing I can explain is it was, in the moment, it felt worse than it was.

“I can’t prove a feeling. I can’t show you a feeling. It was the word ‘deliberately’ that I regret.

“I massively apologise to not just Ryan but to his family and friends and his fans and every single person who watched that and completely and justifiably saw an over-reaction to what wasn’t a malicious act.”

Former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Denise Welch slammed Vine for even having her on his Channel 5 show in the first place.

Pallett will also appear on Celebrity Big Brother tonight, in an interview with Emma Willis.

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