Every Ruby Sunday Doctor Who mystery and the theories that could explain them

Each episode of the current season raises more questions about Millie Gibson's character

Millie Gibson plays Ruby Sunday in Doctor Who, the Doctor's companion whose origins are a mystery. (BBC)
Millie Gibson plays Ruby Sunday in Doctor Who, the Doctor's companion whose origins are a mystery. (BBC)

Ruby Sunday is an enigma, a mystery that Doctor Who fans have been trying to figure out since she first came into the Doctor's life and the Time Lord began speculating about her origins.

The character, played by Millie Gibson, was introduced to the Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) in the 2023 Christmas special, and showrunner Russell T Davies began setting the stage for a slew of mysteries around Ruby, raising questions about her. From the looks of the BBC show's upcoming series 14 finale we may get some answers, but before then let's explore what the mysteries and theories are.

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Each new episode of Doctor Who raises questions about Ruby Sunday and her origins. (BBC)

The Christmas special raised one big question regarding Ruby — her parentage. Ruby is a foundling who was left at a church by her mother. But viewers don't yet know who she is or why she left Ruby in the first place.

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In the episode Ruby learned that a DNA test was unable to determine who her parents were, making it appear as if they didn't even exist on any known database. Does this mean that they're not from Earth? Possibly. But could it mean they're from an alternate universe? That's one possibility fans have been looking at.

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One ongoing theory is focused on who Ruby's parents are, specifically who her mother is who was seen leaving her on church steps in the 2023 Christmas special. (BBC)

Some fans have speculated that Ruby could be the daughter of Rose Tyler, who famously was placed in an alternate universe with her own version of the Tenth Doctor. This would potentially explain why Ruby's parents can't be found on any known database on Earth at the very least, and it would be an interesting way to give Ruby a connection to The Doctor.

Alternatively there could be other explanations to Ruby's parentage, for one she could be a Timeless Child like the Doctor or even a Time Lord herself. Another potential solution is that Ruby is the daughter of the new Master, whoever that may revealed to be. Only time will tell what the answer will be.

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Doctor Who has raised questions over Ruby's DNA, lending weight to the theory she's not human but something else. (BBC)

In Space Babies, the Doctor decided to secretly do a scan of Ruby and her DNA with the results showing on the screen as being homo sapien, however the results aren't completed. This means that there could be a chance that Ruby isn't completely human.

If she isn't human, or her DNA is being masked as human, then it could lend weight to the aforementioned theories that she is related to the Time Lords, or is a Timeless Child.

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Ruby can also make it snow, a phenomenon that's linked to her birth mother but hasn't yet been explained in the series. (BBC)

One thing that is a recurring theme in the series so far is Ruby's ability to make it snow, which happens whenever she is in grave danger or she wants to find out who her mother is. In 73 Yards, Ruby spoke of how she never made it snow again in the 65 years she lives after the Doctor's disappearance.

Her ability to conjure the snow may be a fail safe to ensure no one can learn about her parents, or at least doesn't learn her true identity. Could this ability have been gifted to her by her mother? Perhaps.

The series' two-part finale, The Legend of Ruby Sunday and Empire of Death, seems the perfect place for the show to reveal all. Viewers will just have to be patient until then.

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