Russell Grant's horoscopes as Taurus' dedication will not go unnoticed

Astrologer Russell Grant brings you today's horoscopes
-Credit: (Image: Daily Record)


PROGRESS is under way even though it might feel at times as if nothing is being accomplished at all. An email or text message received later in the day will confirm new opportunities are on the horizon. This is a sign that it’s a perfect time to focus on your ambitions.


YOUR hard-working efforts will bring reasons to celebrate. Your dedication to new endeavours will not go unnoticed by others. Surrounding yourself with industrious individuals will help you keep moving forward. Having a discussion about work tonight could be beneficial.


YOU’RE all set to take action and lead the way in a financial matter. Discuss how you can work with a partner to achieve money goals and increase profitability. Conflict can be avoided by actively listening to everyone’s input. Think about upgrading your phone, computer or car.


Assumptions will be proven wrong in seconds. This will make people question integrity within the workplace. Someone will protest when they are withdrawn from an assignment which up until now they have been heavily involved in. They appreciate your support.


TREAD carefully when it comes to involving family and friends in your plans. Your suggestions may not be well received, especially from those unfamiliar with the situation you are stepping into. Be ready to say what you are hoping to do and how you intend to go about it.


YOU prefer to plan ahead in work, study and family matters. Being prepared and organised comes naturally to you. Your willingness to help and support others is valued and while someone is eager to assist you, you tend to work best on your own once you’re focused on a task.


YOU may not have as much to do as you had been expecting. This gives you an opportunity to catch up on ground lost in the past. You’re picking up some negative energy from a colleague or neighbour. Even if they are saying one thing, you feel they mean something else.


FRIENDS and colleagues who appreciate your talents will be speaking highly of you. If you’re interested in a new job or opportunity, you can count on a senior official’s backing, but only after you give them a gentle nudge. It never hurts to subtly showcase your abilities.


RESPECT you show for others is closely connected to the values and teachings you learned from people who were closest to you during your early years. As you work your way through a difficult relationship, it’s important to acknowledge how your family and their beliefs shaped your mindset.


GO with the flow. Even small changes in direction could lead you to your goals. Be ready to release anything that no longer benefits you or matches your present expectations. Embrace new opportunities and let go of anything hindering your progress, so you can avoid feeling trapped.


A CREATIVE project will give you a chance to make money. Your skills have caught the attention of an agent. Making money from creativity will be like a dream come true. Believe in yourself when pitching your idea to a top exec and see where it takes you. Being honest will result in good publicity.


A RELATIONSHIP or connection that ended abruptly or perhaps too soon can be rekindled if this is what you really want. It can be surprising how smoothly things come together with the guidance of someone who knows what they are doing. You will be glad to have such supportive friends.

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