Russian Slapping Championship: Weightlifter wins competition after nearly knocking rival out with one might slap to the face

Rebecca Speare-Cole

The “Male Slapping Championships” in Russia went viral after footage showed winner Vasiliy Kamotskiy nearly knocking his competitor out with a single blow.

Mr Kamotskiy won 30,000 robles (around £300) for winning first place at the tournament held at the Siberian Power Show 2019.

Footage shows the local weightlifter sending his rival stumbling back and nearly passing out.

Kamotskiy then receives a misfired slap from his opponent, and on his second turn he unleashed another severe blow, nearly knocking his opponent out cold and winning the match.

A clip of the fight has racked up 1.6m views and 27,000 likes.

The contest took place for the first-time even in the city of Krasnoyarsk in Siberia on March 16 and 17.

The rules require two men to stand opposite each other before a table, taking their turn to slap their opponent.

The championships, which cost 400 rubles (£4) for members of the public to watch, is aimed to be a sports platform of interest “from elite athletes to youngsters”.

The Siberian Power Show also hosted The World Strongman Cup and Siberian Dance contest as well as a host of sports from arm wrestling, freestyle workout and pole dancing.