Ruth Langsford defends husband Eamonn Holmes over 'body shaming' jokes about her

<p><em>This Morning</em> host Eamonn Holmes announced that his eldest son Declan and wife Jenny has welcomed a baby girl named Amelia.</p>
<p><br>Making the announcement on Tuesday’s episode of the daytime show, Holmes shared his pride at the new addition to his family.</p>
<p>Credit: This Morning / ITV / ITV Hub</p>
Ruth Langsford insists husband Eamonn Holmes is always paying her compliments off screen. (ITV)

Ruth Langsford has defended husband Eamonn Holmes for his 'body shaming' jokes about her.

The husband and wife duo co-host ITV's This Morning together and Holmes came under fire from some viewers when he made remarks about her appearance on live TV.

Langsford, 61, told Woman magazine: "He would never do that if I didn't know he was joking, that would be horrendous.

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"He's always told me that I'm gorgeous and beautiful. He'll say: 'You look great in those jeans.' That's why he's able to crack those jokes."

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Holmes was accused of 'body shaming' after the couple played a game on the ITV daytime show called It's Behind You, in which a caller describes a picture shown on screen for the presenters to guess.

Referring to a photograph of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, the caller said: "She's very thin. She's married to..." before running out of time.

Holmes said to Langsford: "She's very thin, well it's not you darling."

The Loose Women presenter said she has come to accept the changes in her body since going through the menopause.

She said: "The menopause has changed my shape; my boobs are bigger, I'm generally just bigger, but it hasn't ruined my life.

"There's a certain amount of acceptance for me and if you have that, you don't battle with it."

LONDON, -, UNITED KINGDOM - 2019/01/22: Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford are seen on the red carpet during the National Television Awards at the O2, Peninsula Square in London. (Photo by Keith Mayhew/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford insist their on-screen tiffs are just banter. (Getty Images)

Earlier this year, it was Langsford who was accused by This Morning viewers of being unkind to Holmes, but the pair like to exchange friendly banter on screen.

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When Holmes joked with his wife about the lack of tasty snacks at home, she quipped that he was “portly”.

Langsford then added: “Oh by the way, the lady who sent me a message yesterday and said you’re vile to your husband – it’s banter! Just saying.”

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