Ruth Langsford 'seething' as Eamonn Holmes 'consoled' by blonde divorcee after split

Ruth Langsford is reportedly seething after discovering her soon-to-be ex-husband Eamonn Holmes has been finding solace with a mystery blonde, who's been on the receiving end of his generous gifts.

The TV duo, both aged 64, have announced they're going their separate ways after a 27-year union and nearly 15 years of marriage, with their representatives confirming the split amidst rampant speculation. The Loose Women presenter and her Northern Irish husband had not been snapped together for some time, sparking worries among fans about the state of their relationship.

Amid tales of fiery rows and Eamonn's health woes putting a strain on the family, it appeared a breakup was inevitable.

Eamonn, having vacated the marital abode, appears to have struck up a bond with a blonde woman in her 40s, whom he encountered after she engaged with one of his tweets. While her identity remains under wraps, she's said to be employed by a charity that Eamonn supports, even hosting an event pro bono.

A source disclosed to The Sun on Sunday: "Ruth was obviously aware that her marriage was crumbling, but as details emerge, her upset has turned to anger. Eamonn's friend is bowled over by being lavished with attention and kindness from him", reports the Mirror.

The couple confirmed rumours about their divorce
The couple confirmed rumours about their divorce -Credit:Ruth Langsford/Instagram

Allegedly, the woman is a relationship counsellor specialising in "separation and divorce", and over the past year, she and Eamonn have reportedly grown to be close confidantes.

The source continued: "She works for a charity Eamonn is involved with from time to time."

Ruth was reportedly oblivious to their growing bond, with Eamonn taking her on a safari park adventure, spoiling her with a trip to Center Parcs, a Beyonce gig and even scoring tickets to see Manchester United at Old Trafford the football club Eamonn adores.

Eamonn and Ruth's representatives have been contacted for comment.

While Eamonn hasn't shied away from discussing the breakup, Ruth appears to be steering clear of the buzz surrounding her private life. However, ex-Gladiators host Ulrika Jonsson has come out in support of Ruth, labelling Eamonn as "a leading member of the Grumpy Old Men's Club", despite admitting she's quite fond of him.

Ulrika has defended her pal against those who've dubbed her "Ruthless" for parting ways with Eamonn amidst his health woes, writing: "This is baffling to me. Let's face it, Eamonn, 64, has become a leading member of the Grumpy Old Men's club over the years and he's a proper curmudgeon."

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