Rylan thought he had to be nude while presenting Naked Dating UK

Exclusive: Rylan reveals plans for steamy opening line on Naked Dating UK

Rylan thought he had to be naked on TV. (Getty)
Rylan thought he had to be naked on TV. (Getty)

Cheeky Rylan said he thought he had to be nude while hosting Naked Dating UK.

Singletons will look for love without their clothes on in a reality series set to take the UK by storm. Ahead of filming, Rylan confessed he was hooked to the television when he watched the German version of the show.

It's a busy time for Rylan who has returned to This Morning to temporarily fill in on occasion and he will be on our screens for new reality series Hot Mess Summer which was filmed in Greece. Very soon, Rylan will be focusing on filming Naked Dating UK.

Presenting the show, Rylan cheekily quipped he thought he had to be in his birthday suit alongside the singletons. In good humour, he told Yahoo in an exclusive interview: "I've done zero preparation. At one point, I thought I had to be naked."

Naturally, Rylan jested he was relieved to find out that he was going to be clothed on screen. "I'm just glad I'm to be clothed," he said. "And so should the country be."

Rylan on the red carpet for True Detective
It is a busy time for Rylan on TV at the moment. (Getty)

While he has done zero preparation ahead of filming, the presenter has already been thinking about some hilarious opening liners to get the show going. He lifted the lids on how he is thinking of greeting the nude singletons. "The line I'm gonna go in with I think is, 'Wow, you all look excited to see me."

Ready to throw himself into filming, Rylan has enjoyed watching the German version and he shared his initial shock at seeing so many naked people. But he admitted after awhile you forget people are naked on screen and get stuck into the drama.

He said: "I'm about to film it very, very shortly. But I've watched the German version and, 'Wow, Germany know how to make a show.'

Rylan has some cheeky plans for his first appearance.
Rylan has some cheeky plans for his opening lines on Naked Dating UK. (Getty)

"For the first five minutes you are like willy, willy, boobs and then 10 minutes later you're like, 'I can't believe he's talking to her' and then you just forget that people are naked. But yeah, there's just something interesting about it."

Rylan has made a great impression on the TV world as a star on reality TV and as a presenter. Now he has a huge network of friends in the showbiz world. Going back to his roots, he shot to overnight fame on The X Factor in 2012 when he was a contestant and he has never looked back. He did appear on TV before though with the modelling series Signed by Katie Price and he has previously credited the reality star for mentoring him.

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