Rylan's mum didn't think he was gay

Greer McNally
BOREHAMWOOD, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 02: Rylan Clark-Neal during the 2018 Celebrity Big Brother Final at Elstree Studios on February 2, 2018 in Borehamwood, England. (Photo by Mike Marsland/Mike Marsland/WireImage)

Rylan Clark-Neal clearly remembers coming out to his mum, but as it turns out she had no idea at the time what he was going to say.

Clark-Neal’s mum, Linda, revealed she didn’t have a clue about her son’s sexuality while the pair appeared on a celebrity edition of Gogglebox. They were watching a show called My Gay Dog and Other Animals, when the presenter turned to his mum.

“You don’t think that dogs and polar bears as being gay, do you?

“No, no, no. But then I didn’t know you was gay, did I?”

Rylan’s wordness reaction was priceless.

Rylan Clark-Neal pulling a face at his mum on Celebrity Gogglebox

Several years back, Clark-Neal talked about how he came out to his mum on This Morning.

“I’ll never forget the time I told my mum I was gay. I was about 16,17 and I couldn’t physically do it. So I rung my friend to get her mum to ring my mum and tell her I was gay. I sat in the car outside.”

Ahe listened in all he was heard “was my friend’s mum go “no Linda, no”, so I dropped the phone in a panic and ran away and sat a field when it was p*ssing down with rain for four hours thinking my mum hates me.”

“In the end my make-up was running and I thought I’m not sitting here. I walked in and she said do you want to talk about it and I said no. It turned out my friend’s mum said to my mum ‘Lyn, I’ve got something to tell you’ and she said ‘oh Irene, don’t tell me he’s got a girl pregnant’.”

The mother and son were massive hits on Gogglebox. Fans loved the pairing so much they took to social media to shout about it, asking Channel 4 to make them regulars.

One commenter said “Bloody love @Rylan and His Mom, Linda” while another

called them the “funniest couple of the whole show” and “brilliant”.

When they then started watching Naked Attraction, Linda asked her son about choosing a penis.

“Now what do you do – do you go for the longest one or the shortest one.”

‘Shut up mum, shut up.”

Other gems included Linda’s revelation “I don’t watch the news” and Rylan’s matter-of-fact approach to Love Island. “You shouldn’t get into a hot tub with a full face of make-up because that is going to clog up the filter.”