Sajid Javid mercilessly mocked for 'pocket tweeting' the letter I

Hatty Collier
Home Secretary Sajid Javid: PA

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has been mercilessly mocked after “pocket tweeting” the letter I.

The MP for Bromsgrove accidentally sent out the tweet on Sunday morning sparking a string of hilarious responses.

He tweeted the letter I, before sending out another post a few minutes later that read "...pocket tweeted" with a side-eyes emoji.

It had echoes of the time former shadow chancellor Ed Balls tweeted his own name.

Several Twitter users responded to the tweet with song lyrics.

While others used it to complete sentences about what Mr Javid might really think of Prime Minister Theresa May and her Brexit plan.

Some people sent congratulatory memes and GIFs to Twitter users who came up with the best replies.

And other responded with the names of films and slogans from adverts.

The tweet received more than 340 replies within the first hour of it being posted.