Salisbury spy poisoning: Russia claims the Skripals could be dead

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
A high-ranking Russian official claims Sergei and Yulia Skripal may be dead (Rex)

Russia is promoting the idea that Sergei and Yulia Skripal could be dead, as the fallout from the Salisbury spy poisoning continues.

With numerous conspiracy theories promoted by Russia about what exactly happened in the nerve agent attack on the streets of Britain, a high-ranking official has suggested the Skripals may not have even been poisoned.

Vladimir Chizhov, the Russian Ambassador to the EU, made the extraordinary claim as he stated that the British Government has been ‘more successful in dividing the EU than we would have ever been’.

He told Euractiv: ‘The Brits have effectively prevented any evidence from becoming public.

‘Can somebody say if the Skripals are alive today? We only have statements from the British side.

Vladimir Chizhov suggested the Skripals may not have even been poisoned (Wikipedia)

‘Do we really know if they have actually been poisoned?’

Chizhov, who was previously Russia’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, also said Mr Skripal’s cat had been ‘assassinated’.

He said: ‘The inconsistencies in the few details that have been made public are so obvious.


‘Where is the second cat? Skripal had two cats. One was murdered, because ostensibly it was suffering from depression.

‘The police came to the house, had a thorough search, and didn’t see the pets, and they left them, the two Guinea pigs that died from dehydration and were cremated, the cat that was assassinated, whereas the second cat managed to escape.

‘And nobody is looking after it. It’s a piece of evidence on the run.’

A high concentration of Novichok was found at Mr Skripal’s Salisbury home (Rex)

The Government stated earlier this month that the highest concentration of the nerve agent Novichok was found on the front door of Mr Skripal’s home in Christie Miller Road, in Salisbury.

They said that the nerve agent had been delivered in a liquid form but Chizhov appeared to dismiss the claims – because of Britain’s WEATHER.

He added: ‘In the beginning they were saying – it was a gas. So Novichok is a gas.

‘Well, gas doesn’t really stick to a door handle, does it? Then it was a gel. Now they say it was a liquid. And the area is one of the rainiest in Britain.

Russia insists it has nothing to do with the attack on the Skripals (Rex)

‘So, before the door handle was taken off with the door, it was exposed to rain, and dozens of people walked through the door, using the handle, no gloves, and now the technical team of OPCW went to Britain and they were asked by the British authorities to inspect the hot points that the British authorities indicated to them, not an all-around search…

‘I wouldn’t call that a very thorough investigation.’

Sergei and Yulia Skripal were discovered unconscious on a bench in Salisbury on 4 March.

Ms Skripal, 33, left hospital earlier this month, while her 66-year-old father is said to be slowly recovering.

The Government has blamed Russia for the poisoning, but Moscow denies having anything to do with the attack.