Sally Carman: I make an effort for auditions but end up playing down-and-out crackheads

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LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 02: Sally Carman attends the British Soap Awards 2018 at Hackney Empire on June 2, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)
Sally Carman attends the British Soap Awards 2018 in London. (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

Corrie and Shameless star Sally Carman says she always gets cast as the 'down-and-out crackhead' despite making an effort to dress smart and wear makeup to auditions.

The actor, who plays Abi Franklyn in the ITV soap, appeared on Kate Thornton's White Wine Question Time, alongside co-star Sally Ann Matthews.

Carman said: "It's funny because most of the characters I've ever played have all been down-and-out crackhead, dodgy mothers.

"And I always go to these auditions dressed quite smartly with make up on but they'll go: 'You're the girl for us!'"

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The actor, who is engaged to Corrie co-star Joe Duttine also opened up about finding herself as she gets older, and the social expectations put on women.

She said: "Being at peace with who I am, that's taken a long time. I think just as girls, as children, just being female there's so many pressures, we're not even aware of half of them.

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"We're just pulled here, there and everywhere, left, right and centre. And I think it took me a long time to just go: 'You know what, I'm alright, as I am, I'm alright. I'm doing okay. I'm a nice person, I try and do my best.'

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"As I get older, I realise as well, the more you do something for someone else, and think less about yourself, the happier you are. Because we can all get a bit self obsessed, and it doesn't do you any favours, you can pull and pick all your life. It won't change anything.

"But just being at peace, and it's not continual, it dips in and out a lot. And there's still a lot to work on. But I would say it's taken me a long time to get any sort of peace with who I am."


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Sally Carman's Abi has been through the wringer on Corrie (ITV)

She added: "When I hit menopause and I started seeing my body change and my face change, I struggled with that and I didn't think I was that hung up on how I looked.

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"A lot of that is to do with the fact that as you get older, as a woman you disappear. You're not socially acceptable and if you've got a life in media, we know we've seen it a millions times, women fall off the edge of the world when they hit 40 or 50.

"But that is changing and I think talking about in a podcast like this is really important and and just to remind yourself that actually it is just a package of who you are. It's just it doesn't matter and it's just relearning that but it's it's a tough one."

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