Salt Bae: Diners reportedly spend £37,000 at Nusr-Et Steakhouse

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A table of four at the new Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Knightsbridge reportedly spent more than £37,000 at the restaurant last week.

If a social media screenshot posted to Reddit is to be believed, the group managed to rack up the £37,023.10 bill — of which almost £5000 was service charge — during a wine-fuelled Friday night.

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While much has been made of the restaurant’s expensive steak, with Gemma Collins spending more than £1400 on hers, the thirsty foursome ordered just one gold-covered Tomahawk for £850, with just a handful of sides. Bizarrely, they also ordered 20 baklavas between them, for a total of £600.

Baklava aside, food barely figured for the group, who spent just £1536 on it, excluding service. The rest was spent on soft drinks and wine.

The drinkers ordered a bottle of 1996 Petrus, the famous merlot from Pomerol in Bordeaux, for £9100, followed by two bottles of a later Petrus vintage, the 2003, for £9950 apiece. The four then followed these three with two bottles of 2006 Dom Pérignon Rosé, sold at Nusr-Et for £810 a bottle. The wine was washed down with three bottles of water, each £9, and oddly — though not as oddly at the 20 portions of baklava — a single £11 Red Bull.


The screenshot shows a social media user — whose handle is obscured — saying “That’s just taking the p***”.

While the Reddit thread has been removed by the moderators of r/london, the hefty bill was quick to draw comments.

One user wrote: “Why do people keep posting receipts from a shitty restaurant? Is it some sort of anti-flex to say “I’m rich but also very very stupid and don’t have good taste”? [SIC]”

Another added: “Its a humble brag. Posting your receipt for a £30k meal whilst simultaneously expressing outrage at the cost.[SIC]”

The restaurant, which opened earlier this month, has proved something of a phenomenon, with it reportedly packed out every evening. In his review, this paper’s Jimi Famurewa slammed it for “amateurish Frankie & Benny’s-level food” adding: “the real truth about Nusr-Et isn’t that it is captivatingly tacky, some gaudy bin fire that you can’t tear your eyes from, but rather that it is really quite boring.”

The restaurant is presently on a recruitment drive for more staff, though the Sun reported that not a single person had turned up to try out on the first day.

The Standard has contacted the Nusr-Et Steakhouse for comment

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