Singer Sam Smith opens up about lockdown struggles

Watch: Sam Smith opens up on lockdown struggles

Sam Smith has revealed that they struggled to cope with lockdown because they were unused to being at home so much.

The pop star, 28, is often out on the road touring and performing, and doesn’t usually spend much time at home.

So suddenly being stuck in because of the coronavirus pandemic was a big adjustment.

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Speaking on The One Show, they told how their sister helped them to handle it.

“I found it hard, I've been travelling for eight years now and I hadn't been in my house for more than three weeks for about eight years,” Smith explained.

“I was living with my sister, and I am still going to be with her the next four weeks, and she helped me out and we buckled down and did fun stuff, which was good.

“But it's a weird time.”

However, Smith also told how they had struggled with anxiety about performing, and how taking some time out and being at home had allowed them a little breather to deal with it.

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They said: “I get so anxious in front of people on stage.

“I was getting so anxious towards the end of last year so it's been good for me to have a break.”

The singer is known for chart hits such as Stay With Me, Money On My Mind and Too Good At Goodbyes.

They have just unveiled a new album called Love Goes.

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