Samsung warns millions of customers 'turn off your mobile data'

Samsung has warned over a common "cell signal" mistake that is killing your battery life. Try turning off mobile data if your phone signal is low and you don't need the internet, Samsung has urged its userbase across the globe.

"If you use your device for prolonged areas of poor reception, your device will use more power communicating with your network operator," Samsung explained. "The use of mobile data in areas with low signal can use a lot of power.

"Switch off mobile data if you are running short of battery and don't need it." Samsung has also rolled out power saving mode which is a tool that helps you extend the battery life of your Galaxy device by disabling certain functions, features or even apps, if you wish.

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If you want to activate the Power saving mode, follow these steps: open device settings menu and tap on “Battery and device care”, tap the “Battery” option and then tap the toggle button next to the "Power saving" option to activate the Power saving mode.

You can also activate the Power saving mode by tapping on the words "Power saving". The next screen will then display every option, starting with an Off and On button where you can easily activate the Power saving mode. Power saving mode gives you several options to customise as you prefer. Simply tap the toggle button next to the feature you want to activate.

The available options are: “Turn off Always On Display” and “Limit CPU speed to 70 per cent” as well as “Decrease brightness by 10 per cent” and “Turn off 5G” and “Limit apps and Home screen”, Samsung - a South Korean tech giant - has said.

One of the most important features of Power saving mode is the ability to reduce the number of applications available for use while Power saving mode is activated.