Sandi Toksvig pens letter to Archbishop of Canterbury after same-sex relationship comments

Sandi Toksvig attending The Writers' Guild of Great Britain Awards 2022 at the Royal College Of Physicians, London. Picture date: Monday February 14, 2022. Photo credit should read: Matt Crossick/Empics
Sandi Toksvig penned an open letter to Justin Welby. (Matt Crossick/Empics)

Sandi Toksvig has penned a long message to the Archbishop of Canterbury after he was reported to have reaffirmed a declaration that suggests same-sex marriage is a sin.

Justin Welby was quoted as saying in a letter to bishops ahead of the Lambeth Conference (a gathering of bishops of the Anglican Communion) that the 1998 resolution – which says same-sex relationships are incompatible with scripture – was "not in doubt".

Former Bake Off star Toksvig – who has been in a civil partnership with her wife since 2007 – has responded with an open letter on Twitter, in which she says the archbishop has "made a horrible mistake"

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"Dear Justin," she wrote. “I know we’ve never met and I should probably call you ‘Your Grace’ or ‘Your Eminence’ or something, but I wish we were friends.

“If we were, I’d call you and say, ‘Justin, Justin, what are you doing?’ We’d have had a chat and maybe I could persuade you that you have made a horrible mistake. It’s what friends do for each other.”

The QI star went on: “You and your other religion pals got together at the Lambeth Conference and the main takeaway seems to be that gay sex is a sin. It was a sin in 1998 and you just wanted to make clear in 2022 that no one in your finely frocked gang has moved on from that.

“Seriously, with the state the world is in, that is what you wanted to focus on? You didn’t have other more pressing matters like, I don’t know, war or poverty?”

File photo dated 18/07/18 of the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who has criticised political leaders who do not offer all people freedom, safety and opportunity. Welby told a human rights conference in London:
Sandi Toksvig suggested Justin Welby had made a mistake. (PA)

Toksvig, 64, went on to say that a 2021 survey showed that young LGBTQ+ people were twice as likely to consider suicide and three times more likely to self-harm.

The star said that for many, it was because they didn't feel loved, adding that love was "supposed to be at the core" of what Welby does.

Toksvig said she'd had death threats over the years over her sexuality.

"Inevitably, they have wanted to kill me on God’s behalf because although he may be omnipotent apparently he’s also very busy," she said.

Debbie Toksvig and Sandi Toksvig attending the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition Preview Party held at Burlington House, London.
The star has been with her wife for many years. (PA)

"Why just raising this matter is probably a bad idea for my health. I’ll cope, but what about my brothers and sisters who won’t?”

The star said she and her wife were going to church this weekend as she is hosting a concert to raise money for local Ukrainian refugees.

However, Toksvig said that after that she would "never set foot in an Anglican building again".

"I’ll come back when you decide to welcome all of 'God’s children' on equal footing," she added.

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The star used to be on Bake Off. (Channel 4)

The TV star wrapped up her message by saying: "Call me, Justin. Let’s have coffee. Let me talk you round.

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"You never know, I might even forgive you.”

For confidential emotional support at times of distress, contact The Samaritans at any time by calling 116 123 or emailing

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