Sandwich shop in Coventry offering 'the best Greek gyros' launches new menu

Tasty Greek on Binley Road
-Credit: (Image: Tasty Greek/Facebook)

A sandwich shop in Coventry has recently changed its menu to offer Greek-style foods for customers. Uppa Crust on Binley Road changed its name to 'Tasty Greek' and sells items from Greek gyros to souvlaki.

The eatery offers a breakfast menu with items including breakfast bagels, wraps, salad boxes, baked potatoes with chosen filling, omlettes, batches, and rolls. The new menu launched yesterday (May 22) includes mixed grills, pitas, loukaniko, boxed meals, Greek-loaded fries, and Beefteki burgers.

Since launching a Greek-style menu, locals have praised Tasty Greek for offering 'big portions' that are 'great value for money' where the food is 'cooked fresh in front of you'.

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Take a look at the new menu below:

Pita - all served in a pita with Tzatziki, lettuce, tomato, onion and fries at £7.50

  • Pork Gyro pita

  • Chicken Gyro pita

  • Mixed Gyro pita

  • Chicken Souvlaki pita

  • Kebab pita

  • Halloumi pita

  • Pork Souvlaki pita

Boxed meal - all served in a box with pita, salad, seasoned fries, and Tzatziki at £10

  • Pork Gyro

  • Chicken Gyro

  • Pancetta

  • Chicken Souvlaki

  • Mixed Gyro

  • Kebab

  • Halloumi

Mixed Grill - £30

  • includes pork gyro, chicken gyro, pork souvlaki, kebab stick, chicken souvlaki, loukaniko sausage, pancetta, two pita breads, salad, seasoned fries, and Tzatziki.

Skepasti - £10

  • chicken or pork gyros, cheese, tomato, and onions served with fries and Tzatziki.

Beefteki Burger - £10

  • on a brioche bun with Tzatziki, lettuce, tomato, and onion.

Tasty Greek has a 5-star rating on Google reviews. Michelle Dadley who visited last month, said: "Had the mixed gyros box this evening. It was absolutely amazing. The quality of all the ingredients was great and the portion sizes were great value for money. Will definitely be visiting again."

Jay Fenton added Tasty Greek offers 'the best Greek gyros by a mile': "Just had the mixed Greek gyros meal. Loads of meat, tasty and fresh, and the salad was amazing. It's the best Greek gyros in Coventry by a mile. Get down and see for yourself."

Location of Tasty Greek: 69 Binley Rd, Coventry CV3 1HU

Opening times: 8am-1pm Tuesday, 8am-1pm and 5pm-10pm Wednesday and Thursday, 8am-1pm and 5pm-12am Friday and Saturday

For more information about Tasty Greek, follow their Facebook page. You can also follow their TikTok page @tastygreek.

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