Saturday Kitchen Live viewers 'demand answers' within minutes amid shake-up to BBC show

Donal Skehan hosted Saturday Kitchen Live on May 18
Donal Skehan hosted Saturday Kitchen Live on May 18 -Credit:BBC

Saturday Kitchen viewers were left complaining with minutes of the live BBC show starting after regular host Matt Tebbutt was missing from today's show (May 18). TV host and chef Donal Skehan took over presenting in Matt's absence and was joined in the studio by Olly Smith, Sabrina Ghayour, Jack Stein and Eddie Izzard.

Donal introduced the latest live episode of the cooking themed talk show and welcomed the celebrity guests, but failed to explain Tebbutt's absence. This sparked flurries of comments from fans who were left wondering where Matt was.

Taking to X, one viewer asked: "Where's #Tebbut? #SaturdayKitchen". A second echoed: "#Saturdaykitchen Where's Matt today?".

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Matt Tebbutt made the star guest announcement at the end of the show
Matt Tebbutt was absent from Saturday Kitchen on May 18 -Credit:BBC

A third wrote: "#SaturdayKitchen Just turned on.....James Martin it is then". Meanwhile another simply wrote: "Where's Matt?."

"Where is Matt", questioned another viewer. "Donal...? No thanks. Have already enough of him on this side of the pond", commented another.

"Turn on #SaturdayKitchen turn off again", exclaimed one viewer. "#SaturdayKitchen It’s drizzling, but would rather be in the garden. Such a boring episode", wrote another.

One Saturday Kitchen fan commented: "Think giving #saturdayKitchen a miss and watch #JamesMartinsSaturdayMorning instead."

Saturday Kitchen airs on BBC One at 10am every Saturday

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