Scared Of The Dark fans beg Channel 4 for second series

Viewers say they are missing the reality programme already

Viewers want more Scared Of The Dark. (Channel 4)
Viewers want more Scared Of The Dark. (Channel 4)

Scared Of The Dark viewers are begging Channel 4 for another series after the first came to an end.

The show, which saw celebs living together and taking on challenges in the dark in a bunker, ended on Thursday (20 April) with Paul Gascoigne being crowned the winner.

Fans were gripped by the programme and are desperate to see more.

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Many flocked to Twitter to post messages asking Channel 4 if it would be back any time soon.

Paul Gascoigne won the show. (Channel 4)
Paul Gascoigne won the show. (Channel 4)

“I'm missing this show already!” one tweeted.

“Please make it another series.”

“Can we please have more of #ScaredOfTheDark!” asked another.

“Such an emotional rollercoaster! Fantastic!”

Pictured: GROUP Scared of the Dark (Channel 4)
The contestants lived in a dark bunker. (Channel 4)

Another posted: “Loved #ScaredOfTheDark on @Channel4 what a great concept. Was good to see people open up and interact differently from being in the pitch black. Hope they do another series.”

“Loved the show, I hope they do another series,” somebody else posted.

Another fan said the reality TV programme was just “fantastic”.

“Cruel/funny/emotional and relentless for the contestants - televisual genius for the viewers!!” they said.

“Well done Gazza. We need more.”

Pictured: CHRIS MC Scared of the Dark (Channel 4)
The celebs took on challenges in the dark. (Channel 4)

“Really good craic,” said another viewer, adding: “More please.”

Some people even had format change suggestions for show bosses.

“Scared Of The Dark should return for a second season, BUT it should be in real time and have live feed,” suggested one.

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The series was hosted by actor and presenter Danny Dyer, and saw Gascoigne, Nicola Adams, Scarlett Moffatt, Donna Preston, Chloe Burrows, Chris McCausland, Chris Eubank and The Wanted's Max George living together in the bunker for several days.

Yahoo has contacted Channel 4 for comment.

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