Scarlett Moffatt reveals her bizarre celebrity crushes

With her newfound magastardom, Scarlett Moffatt could probably have her pick of eligable A-listers if she ever split from current boyfriend Luke Crodden.

David Cameron, Scarlett Moffatt and Simon Cowell /Rex Photos

But boyband singers and soap actors don’t cut the mustard for the Gogglebox star. Ohhhh no.

The newly crowned Queen of the Jungle has revealed some rather baffling crushes, and we’re still not entirely sure whether she’s serious or not.

X-Factor svengali Simon Cowell, anyone? Yup, he’s right up Scarlett’s street.

“I just love how cool he is,” she told The Sun. “He’s just like Ant and Dec, he always wears black. I like that. It’s mysterious. And I like that if he said, ‘You look nice’, he genuinely would mean it.

Scarlett Moffatt/Rex Photos

“He doesn’t mess about does he? If he said, ‘You look lovely tonight Scarlett’, you’d be like, ‘Yeah I must do’. It’s a power thing.”

Hmmm… If you say so, Scarlett. Still, if you think 57-year-old Simon’s a baffling choice, how about ex-PM David Cameron?

Yep, the Gogglebox star admitted that she thinks the Right Honourable MP for Witney is “a little bit fit.” Of course he is, Scarlett.

Scarlett Moffatt/Rex Photos

Another object of the 25-year-old star’s affections is 43-year-old comic Leigh Francis, better known as Keith Lemon.

All that time in the jungle must’ve gone to her head.