Scarlett Moffatt’s parents reveal she HASN’T paid off their mortgage

Remember that heartwarming story about how Scarlett Moffatt has used her Gogglebox thousands to pay off her mam and dad’s mortgage?

The Moffatt family/Channel 4

Wasn’t true.

But wait! It’s not what you’re thinking. Scarlett DID write them a hefty cheque to use to buy their house – but Mr and Mrs Moffatt decided to keep it back for her to use as a deposit to buy her own place instead. Awwwww.

“I just wrote them a letter and said, thanks for being mint, and sorry for leaving fake tan all over the house, and then I put a cheque in for them,” Scarlett told fellow campers on I’m A Celebrity last week.

“I only quit my nine to five job this time last year,” she continued. “My aim is to be able to buy me mum and dad a caravan, because they’ve always, always wanted a caravan, but they are like, £20,000.

Scarlett Moffatt/ITV/Wenn Photos

“I really want to be able to buy them one, and that’s the dream. Everyone wants to be able to look after their mum and dad, like they did when you were younger. I paid off their mortgage for them.”

However, in an interview with The Sun, mum Betty revealed that they haven’t even cashed the cheque. “Well, she thinks she has paid off our mortgage. But it’s actually been put in an ISA for her,” she laughed.

“We’re quite happy to work, we haven’t got a great deal left to pay off on our mortgage so Mark just put it in an ISA for her, so when it comes to her getting a house, she’ll have a head start.”

One, two, three… Awwwww.

Scarlett Moffatt/ITV/Wenn Photos

“She keeps saying, ‘when I buy somewhere it’ll probably be in the north’, near us. You get so much more for your money in the north!” Betty continued. “[She says] I want a little bit of land with it, and a donkey. I don’t know what goes on in her head!”

Still, since 26-year-old Scarlett is reported to be earning a whopping £70,000 for her stint in the jungle – and has a fitness DVD hitting the shops just in time for Christmas, she’ll probably be able to buy her parents a whole caravan SITE before long.