Scientist reveals the secret of doing well in job interviews

Most of us get it wrong in job interviews (Getty)
Most of us get it wrong in job interviews (Getty)

If you want to do well in job interviews, the key isn’t to over-hype your own talent, like an Apprentice candidate.

Instead, you should focus on telling your interviewer about the hard work and effort behind your success, say researchers from Cass Business School.

Dr Janina Steinmetz conducted three experiments using volunteers in America and the Netherlands, with simulated job interviews where people were asked to speak about themselves in a positive way.

The researchers found that people often fail to communicate the hard work behind their success – which is what interviewers actually want to hear about.


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Dr Steinmetz said, ‘A success story isn’t complete without the hard work and explanation of why we were successful.

‘Did the success come easy, thanks to one’s talents, or was it attained through hard work?

‘Both of these attributions can be part of successful self-promotion, but my research shows that emphasising effort is more likely to garner a positive impression and people really want to know the story behind your success.

‘For example, if you’re in a job interview and are talking about a successful project that you led to completion, include a few details about the challenges along the way, and how you overcame them.’

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