Scotland lockdown: Nicola Sturgeon urges Scots to ‘dig in’ as millions to enter ‘Level 3’ Covid restrictions

Clea Skopeliti
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<p>The central belt will be placed in Level 3</p> (Getty Images)

The central belt will be placed in Level 3

(Getty Images)

Most people in Scotland will enter Level 3 coronavirus restrictions on Monday, while the rest of the country will be placed into Levels 1 and 2, Nicola Sturgeon has said as she urged Scots to “dig in and stick with it”.

This means the majority of Scots will be under the second highest level of restrictions from 2 November, which will see cafes, pubs and restaurants shut every day at 6pm and a ban imposed on alcohol sales outdoors and indoors.

It also means most people will not be able to leave their local area, as under the new rules, people living in areas under Level 3 or 4 restrictions have been told not to travel.

Residents in areas with lower levels of restrictions are also being instructed to not enter areas under higher tiers.

Ms Sturgeon said: "I know travel restrictions are unwelcome and can be controversial but they are an absolutely essential part of any regional approach to tackling Covid.

"They are – unfortunately – a price we must pay for more targeted restrictions."

The first minister explained which area will go into each band of restrictions ahead of the new five-tier system – which runs from 0 to 4 – coming into effect next week. 

No area will be placed under either Level 0 or 4 restrictions, Ms Sturgeon said. The highest tier is comparable to a full lockdown: non-essential shops, gyms and hospitality will be forced to close. 

However, the first minister has said that, unlike in March, the government will ensure schools remain open “as far as possible” even in the event of top level restrictions.

Ministers considered putting Lanarkshire in top tier of measures, deciding against doing so on a “borderline” basis that will mean the region is kept under a daily review. 

Levels 1, 2 and 3 are largely similar to the three tiers in England.

The first minister has said she can not rule out further nationwide measures similar to a second lockdown if coronavirus cases rise.


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