Scottish independence vote: Yahoo readers back Better Together campaign

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Yahoo readers have voted against Scottish independence, our poll has revealed.

With one month to go until the referendum, our simple survey simply asked visitors to Yahoo News from around the world, ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’

Thousands had their say on the issue, and the current forecast shows that 59% of Yahoo readers are backing the ‘Better Together’ campaign.

By contrast, 41% said Scotland should become an independent nation.

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Politicians, celebrities and supporters on both sides are stepping up their respective campaigns as the referendum on September 18 draws closer.

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond and Shadow Chancellor Alistair Darling - also the chairman of the cross-party Better Together campaign - locked horns in a televised debate on August 5.

The Labour MP was widely considered to have come out victorious in that verbal sparring match - a view reflected by Yahoo readers.

Meanwhile, most other MPs think Scots will vote No in next month's referendum, according to a separate poll.

Ipsos Mori asked 81 politicians from across the three main parties at Westminster what they thought the outcome of the vote would be.

Overall, 95% said they believed Scotland will stay part of the UK, with every single Conservative MP predicting a No vote.

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Meanwhile, 94% of Labour MPs and 89% of Liberal Democrats said they thought Scotland would not back independence.

However, two former Liberal Democrat politicians have announced their support for a Yes vote in Scotland's independence referendum.

Former MP John Barrett and Dr Michael Foxley, a former Highland Council leader who has worked with Charles Kennedy and Chief Secretary to the UK Treasury Danny Alexander, are both backing the case for leaving the union.

There’s still plenty of time to have your say in our Yahoo readers poll - let us know what you think by voting below or leaving a comment.You can also check out our dedicated Scottish Referendum page, which has all the latest news, features, and analysis.

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