Seals Receive Special Treats to Mark Rescue Anniversaries at Queensland Aquarium

Four seals celebrated their rescue anniversaries in August in an aquarium in Mooloolaba, Queensland, and received a selection of their favorite treats to mark the special occasion.

Nelson, Moana, Sly, and Saturday were all rescued due to injuries and now reside in SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Aquarium.

“Despite their good health, these seals have been deemed unfit for release into the wild and reside at the aquarium where they are ambassadors for their species,” the aquarium said. “They help educate the public about the need for the conservation and protection of marine animals.”

Video released by SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Aquarium shows the seals receiving a variety of ice, gelatin, and fish treats. Credit: SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Aquarium via Storyful

Video transcript

SARAH IWANOCZKO: So today, we are celebrating some rescue anniversaries of some of our resident fur seals. In fact, our three long-nosed fur seals Sly, Moana, and Saturday, as well as Nelson-- our subantarctic fur seal, were all rescued in the month of August. So behind me, we actually have provided some enrichment for our resident seals to enjoy. Yeah, so the enrichment behind is a variety of different pieces of jell-O and pieces of fish from their daily diet, as well as some ice. Some of the reasons why a seal might be rescued is due to an injury.

For example, Moana and Saturday and even Nelson all sustained eye injuries that resulted in permanent damage. And so for that reason, they were deemed unsuitable for release. And SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast were able to give them a forever home here with us. Yeah, so if you're out and about and you happen to come across some beautiful fur seals resting and relaxing up on the rock well, it's really important that we do stay approximately 40 meters away. These animals are more than capable of walking, running, and climbing, and even outrunning you or I over a short distance.

So if you ever come across a marine mammal or a fur seal that you think might be a little injured, you can actually contact Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. That way, they can send out a team and that animal will get the care that it needs.