Will there be a season 2 of Buying London?

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Will there be a season 2 of Buying London?Netflix

Say hello to your new reality TV obsession, as Buying London just dropped on Netflix, following luxury estate agents in the English capital. Move over, Selling Sunset and Buying Beverley Hills! But, will there be a season two?

The series sees property mogul Daniel Daggers and his ambitious team of agents at DDRE Global take on and challenge London’s luxury property market, while dealing with a lot of drama between agents inside the office.

So, we need to know, will we join the agents at DDRE Global for another instalment of the property series? Here is everything we know so far about season two of Buying London.

Will there be a Buying London season 2?

So, Buying London dropped on Netflix on 22nd May, and there's no news yet from the streaming platform on the future of the series. We'll have to wait and see!

Who will be in the Buying London season 2 cast?

We would expect pretty much all of the agents at DDRE Global to return for a second season, including:

  • Daniel Daggers

  • Rasa Bagdonaviciute

  • Reme Nicole

  • Oli Hamilton

  • Rosi Walden

  • Olivia Wayne

  • Juliana Ardenius

As for Lauren Christy, we're not too sure considering the tense ending of season one. Fingers crossed, though!

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Zoe McConnell - Netflix

What might the plot of Buying London season 2 be?

Well, a lot happened in season one with the final episode ending with Lauren debating whether or not to leave DDRE Global after she felt her relationships with her colleagues, notably Rasa, began to impact her.

Plus, rival agent Alex Bourne also took Lauren to dinner to discuss her leaving Daniel's company and joining his. Of course, when Daniel got an inkling of this, he was not happy and pleaded with Lauren to stay.

So, in the second season, we would expect to learn whether or not Lauren decided to stay at DDRE Global (though, we already have a pretty good idea on this one) and the drama in and outside the office to continue. Come on, Netflix, we want more!

Buying London is streaming on Netflix now.

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