See Inside The ‘Social Supermarket’ Where Most Items Are Selling For Just 25 PENCE

Supermarkets beware!

Charlotte Danks has opened up her own store to help feed the poor - and is selling most items for an astonishing 25 pence.

The Bargain Brand Food outlet is stocked from floor to ceiling with items not up to the standard of the supermarket giants so she can sell it for virtually nothing.

Most of her stock comes from the main chains, but they choose not to sell it due to manufacturing defects, such as damaged packaging or incorrect labels.

The 20-year-old, from Newquay in Cornwall, launched the venture five months ago.

She wanted to give cash-strapped people in her local community a more viable option than just going to food banks.

The items stocked include fresh meat, dairy, tinned foods and even hair dye.

They are all coming to the end of their sell-by date, but are still well within their use-by date.

Most items sell for just 25 pence, with the most expensive being a two-litre tub of curry powder, at £2.50.

The shop has been so successful that Charlotte is now planning on opening two more in St Austell and Penzance.

“Everything is perfectly fine, but the supermarket has to get it off its shelves and it would otherwise end up straight in landfill,” she said.

“I didn’t realise how many people would use it, but we’re open to everyone.

We’re different to a foodbank because people can choose what they want, and it’s all branded stock,” she added.

(Pictures credited to SWNS)

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