See Ryan Gosling Fall Off A Stool In A Fall Guy Interview, Joke It's Harder to Sit On Than Filming The Stunts

 Still of Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy.
Still of Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy.

For his newest film, The Fall Guy, which people love, Ryan Gosling did many of his stunts and quite impressively at that. However, that doesn't necessarily mean he's always the most agile person. Going off that thought, in a recent interview, the fan-favorite star fell off his stool and then quickly joked about how much harder it is to sit on a simple stool than filming stunts for high-octane action movies. You can see it for yourself and, honestly, it's hilarious.

The Fall Guy, an adaptation of a 1980s TV series, has been brilliantly transformed into a film starring the dynamic duo of Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt -- who could spark chemistry with just about anything, even a water bottle. In the movie, Gosling portrays a stunt performer who embarks on a quest to track down the missing star of his ex-girlfriend’s directorial debut. The film has resonated well with critics and fans on social media, mainly due to the delightful on-screen chemistry and impeccable comedic timing shared between Gosling and Blunt. A recent clip shared on MTV UK’s official Instagram captured Gosling humorously dealing with a mishap involving a chair, further showcasing the duo's captivating dynamic:

The interview took a memorable turn when his stool unexpectedly gave way in the middle of the discussion. Recovering quickly with his characteristic wit, the Oscar nominee quipped:

What have I done?!

Seizing the moment to delve deeper into the theme of falls, the interviewer continued to ask her question, “So, what was harder, falling off a 12-story building or saying goodbye to Jean-Claude on the last day of filming.” Before he could respond, the chair gave way once again, prompting him to humorously declare:

[The chair collapses again] I think leaning on this chair is harder than anything.

This spontaneous moment captured the essence of action and humor that The Fall Guy aims to deliver, showcasing the former Mickey Mouse Club star's knack for turning a potentially awkward situation into one of humor. The Drive star's quick recovery and charisma highlight his comfort and skill as a performer, which have clearly played a significant role in the film's popularity.

The comedic action movie is a cinematic ode to Hollywood's grand tradition of blockbuster spectacles. CinemaBlend's very own Sean O’Connell praised Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt's on-screen dynamics as "undeniable." The film set fans abuzz at its SXSW debut last month and even secured a Guinness world record during production. I'm also a fan -- if my two cents mean anything in this glittering review.

Despite enjoying positive buzz and boasting an 82% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, The Fall Guy had a less-than-stellar start at the box office as the summer movie season kicks off. This modest opening might cast doubt on screenwriter Drew Pearce's optimistic views of a potential sequel. However, audience reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, suggesting that box office numbers could stabilize and eventually turn a profit. Moviegoers will just have to head to theaters to see Ryan Gosling excel at what he does best -- something that clearly doesn't involve sitting on stools.

Still keen to catch The Fall Guy on the big screen? It’s playing in theaters, so check your local listings for times. Or, if you’re in the mood for more of Ryan Gosling’s comedic chops, why not stream his standout performance as Ken in last year’s blockbuster Barbie? Well, it’s available now with a Max subscription.