Charles Levin death: Seinfeld actor’s body found ‘partially eaten by animals’

Jacob Stolworthy

Seinfeld actor Charles Levin’s body was found “partially consumed by vultures” after he died from a fall down a 30 foot ravine.

Levin was found dead on 13 July near a remote road after his son Jesse reported him missing on 28 June.

According to reports from the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety, his naked body was found wedged between two trees after his fatal fall.

The reports, which have been obtained by the Daily Mail, also state there was evidence of “animal scavenging likely in the form of turkey vultures”.

CBS via Getty Images

It is thought that Levin, who was 70, lost his way while driving through a backroad. His dog was found deceased in his car, which was discovered at the top of the slope.

His death was recorded as an accident.

Levin appeared in a 1993 episode of US sitcom Seinfeld. His character, a mohel who performs circumcisions under Jewish law, memorably cuts the lead character’s finger.

His other credits include Woody Allen films Annie Hall and Manhattan. He also appeared as a guest star in TV shows including The Twilight Zone and Night Court.