New Series Music Mayhem Dives Into Arrests, Scandals And Tragic Ends Of Rock Stars

 Graphic for Music Mayhem featuring various talking heads in front of the logo.
Graphic for Music Mayhem featuring various talking heads in front of the logo.

There is perhaps no profession on earth that attracts bigger personalities than the music business. The most famous names in Rock N Roll and Hip Hop aren’t, as a general rule, fit to be 9 to 5 people. They’re wild, over the top characters that push their art, their bodies and their excesses as far as possible, sometimes in service of something great and sometimes in service of something not so great. That makes them uniquely fit to change the world and fascinating to watch, but it also makes them prone to arrests, scandals and tragic ends.

That’s the topic of AXS TV’s newest show Music Mayhem, which officially drops later this month. The original series will tell music’s wildest true life stories and add context through interviews with various talking heads including longtime MTV staple Matt Pinfield, Vixen guitarist Britt Lightning and Sirius DJ Kat Corbett. You can watch the first teaser preview for the first season below…

New half hour episodes will air on AXS TV on Mondays at 8 PM ET. The first will follow famous Brits who ran afoul of the law including The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Ozzy Osbourne and David Bowie. The second episode will chronicle a history of music-related plane crashes including those involving Buddy Holly, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Otis Redding, Patsy Cline, John Denver and Randy Rhoads. Later on down the road, we’ll get episodes focusing on the 27 Club, bitter feuds and music relationships that went south, among many others. If you’re a music fan, I’m sure you can already mentally fill in several big personalities that would easily fit into those themes.

AXS TV has built a nice little niche with music-related programming, and their original series always deliver. I’ve enjoyed Top Ten Revealed, Vinyl Obsession and Music’s Greatest Mysteries among others, and it’s easy to see how nicely this new series will fit in. I got a chance to check out the first two episodes and enjoyed both.

Season One of Music Mayhem will feature dozens of stories spread across twelve half hour episodes. Most of the biggest names in the history of Rock N Roll will be featured at some point or other; so, if you have a favorite band and they got up to some shenanigans, chances are they’ll get touched on at some point.

You can check out the first episode of Music Mayhem when it hits AXS TV on April 15th.