Seventeen at Glastonbury Festival: Who are the huge selling K-Pop band only outsold by Taylor Swift set for the Pyramid Stage debut

-Credit: (Image: AP)
-Credit: (Image: AP)

On Friday afternoon, Seventeen will be the first K-pop group in history to perform at Glastonbury Festival. The South Korean boyband will share the same stage as headliners Dua Lipa, Coldplay, and SZA and other star names.

In fact, the pop act sold more than 10 million albums last year and only Taylor Swift sold more albums. Performing at Glastonbury Festival will be a huge moment for not only the band but the growing popularity of K-pop in the Western world and Europe.

In fact, it will be Seventeen’s first performance in Europe. What a debut it will be for the growing boy band, but just who are they?

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Here is a brief overview of the K-pop sensation and what to expect at Glastonbury Festival:

Who are Seventeen and what's the meaning behind their name?

The band comprises of 13 members, namely S Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino. The band made waves in South Korea by streaming themselves on UStream in 2013 and sang various music covers.

They came together to record their extended play 17 Carat and its title track “Adore U” in 2015. This track alone reached No 13 on the Billboard US World Chart.

They have sold 16 million combined album units including their 10th mini-album, FML, which was released in April 2023. A follow-up, Seventeenth Heaven, was released in October 2023.

FML was a huge global hit and dominated the IFPI’s Global Albums Chart, with 6.2 million combined copies worldwide through streams, downloads, and physical sales in 2023. It became the most pre-ordered album in K-pop history and debuted at No 2 on the Billboard 200.

Seventeen recently became UNESCO’s first-ever Goodwill Ambassador for Youth, which came after their participation at the 13th UNESCO Youth Forum in Paris in November 2023. The group talked about the significance of young people pursuing their dreams.

What's the meaning behind their name?

While you would imagine calling yourself Seventeen but only having 13 members is a bit strange, there's a good reason for their unique name.

The name Seventeen is derived from the expression "13 members + 3 teams + 1 group" and represents how the 13 members are divided into three different teams and come together to form one cohesive group.

What are their most popular songs?

The band combines a mixture of genres, including K-pop, synth-pop, hip hop, R&B and EDM. According to Spotify stats, the band has 6,738,002 monthly streams on its various songs, EPs and albums.

Their most popular songs on the music site include Super, HOT, Rock With You and Very Nice. Other popular songs include Don't Wanna Cry, Left & Right, Anyone and Don Quixote.

Revellers can also expect well-rehearsed choreography and dance moves that will hopefully create some new Seventeen fans.

“In every language we sing in, we try to show Seventeen as we are,” S Coups told Rolling Stone.

“And I know that people whose native language is not Korean have to work hard to understand our message. So when we record, we want to try as hard as they do when they listen to our music so we can share that together.”

What time will Seventeen play at Glastonbury Festival and can I watch them?

Seventeen will perform on the Pyramid Stage from 2.45pm to 3.45pm on Friday (June 28). As always, Glastonbury Festival will be aired on BBC One and iPlayer throughout the festival's run (June 28-30) so you will be able to watch their set live on the Player.

What set and songs can we expect?

According to, the K-pop act played the following songs at Inspire Arena, Incheon, South Korea on June 16:

  • God of Music

  • Left & Right

  • To you

  • _WORLD

  • F*ck My Life

  • Cheers to youth

  • Spell


  • HOT