Sex Education viewers spot Robin from Game of Thrones in the Netflix show

Emma Clarke
Robin from Game of Thrones is also in Sex Education season 2: HBO/ Netflix

Game of Thrones actor Lino Facioli appears in Sex Education season 2, and fans can't get over it.

The last time we saw Facioli was in May last year, when he appeared as Robin Arryn in the HBO series' finale.

At the time, viewers were quick to note the character's glow up, as he returned in the final episode a far cry from his breastfeeding former self. Now, the star has landed a role in another hit TV show: Netflix's Sex Education.

Of course, fans of both shows have spotted Facioli - who plays Maeve Wiley's quiz teammate, Rex Thompson - and are having a field day.

Lino plays Dex Thompson in Sex Education - Maeve Wiley's quiz teammate who's obsessed with his Rubik's cube (Netflix)

One person wrote: "A great thing about SEX EDUCATION Season 2 is that the show knows people felt weird about being attracted to adult Robin Arryn on Game of Thrones, so they made him a crush and now it's all okay."

Another viewer questioned their TV knowledge: "Is it just me or is Robin Arryn from Game of Thrones in season 2 of Sex Education???"

A third Twitter user commented: "Season two of SEX EDUCATION does so many things right, but no choice is more inspired than bringing GAME OF THRONE’s Robin “Hot Milkboy” Arryn back to my television screen."

You may also recognise Lino from the 2010 movie, Get Him To The Greek, in which he played Russell Brand's on-screen son, Naples.

Sex Education season one and two is now available to stream on Netflix.