Shailene Woodley Dives for Urchins in David E. Kelley’s PBS Docuseries ‘Hope in the Water’ – Watch

Shailene Woodley is channeling her surfing “Big Little Lies” character for David E. Kelley’s first-ever docuseries, PBS’ “Hope in the Water.”

The three-part documentary series, on which Kelley serves as an executive advisor in collaboration with producer and four-time James Beard Award-winning chef Andrew Zimmern, highlights the stories of innovators, aquafarmers, and fishers who are working toward a sustainable future for the planet.

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Along with Woodley, Martha Stewart, José Andrés, and Baratunde Thurston all appear in the series.

“David E. Kelley reached out to me to be a part of ‘Hope in the Water’ as we had talked about our mutual affections for the ocean and specifically his fish farm while working on ‘Big Little Lies,’” Woodley told IndieWire. “I really responded to the narrative of hope, specifically that this series uses it as its North Star. It is so refreshing that in a time of so much chaos, fear, and unknowns, there is a show that is offering tangible solutions and ways for all of us to be more involved in creating a more symbiotic future.”

For Kelley (and the ocean, really), “Three Women” actress Woodley went diving for “zombie” purple sea urchins in Santa Barbara, as shown in the below clip exclusive to IndieWire.

“Growing up in Southern California, I thought I knew a lot about the ocean’s ecosystem here, but working on this show proved me wrong. I walked away with so much knowledge,” Woodley said. “I had the best time filming. I hope people walk away a little more openminded and excited to expand their palates. We have been stuck in the comfort of eating shrimp, salmon, tuna. It takes a small effort on our individual parts to be open to trying different types of seafood and the massive difference it can make for future generations; this is well worth the tiny shift in perspective.”

The docuseries is part of a larger multi-year impact campaign led by the non-profit, Fed by Blue. The mission of Fed by Blue is to provide and inspire visionaries, thought leaders, ocean lovers, activists, early adopters, foodies, and consumers with the knowledge and materials to help protect and participate in a responsible blue food system.

“Hope in the Water” is directed by Brian Peter Falk, with Intuitive Content producing. Zimmern and Patrick Weiland serve as executive producers, with Michele Wallin as the series producer. Blue foods experts and advocates Jennifer Bushman and Jill Kauffman Johnson are advisors and impact producers. Katherine Bryar serves as an advisor. Bill Gardner is the executive in charge for PBS. Funding for the series was provided by The Builders Bridge LLC and Anne Ray Foundation.

Executive advisor Kelley told IndieWire that it took years to get “Hope in the Water” made.

“I wasn’t necessarily looking to get into the [docuseries] space,” Kelley said. “The series came together organically over the years, getting to know Andrew, Shailene, Jennifer…it was clear we were all drawn to this cause, but more importantly, we shared a common interest in a certain type of storytelling — specifically, solution-driven stories, highlighting both the humanity and the science at the heart of climate change. By doing so, we hope to inspire the next generation toward a more sustainable relationship with our oceans and planet.”

The series premieres June 19 on PBS. Check out the “Hope in the Water” clip below.

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