Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's relationship so far: From how they met to their steamy 'Senorita' music video

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Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello had the ultimate are they/aren't they relationship worthy of its own CW show until they revealed their relationship last year.

Though their rumored romance was years in the making, these days, they’re very much together - and their steamy ‘Señorita’ performance at the 2019 AMAs is just the latest PDA-filled confirmation. ​


But before they went public on red carpets and in live performances, fans were left wondering what exactly was going on - so let's go back to where it all started before they made it look so easy.


Back in the Fifth Harmony days, Cabello’s former girl group opened for Austin Mahone alongside Mendes.

In a shared V magazine cover, Cabello and Mendes described meeting at this time.

“I remember I wanted to hang out with you, but you were always on the tour bus, just learning guitar," Cabello said about Mendes. He responded with, "Yeah, that was me. I didn’t talk to anybody. You were the only person that talked to me. Like, you were the only one of everybody on that tour who would say words to me. Actually, I think if we go into our DM’s or something, there’s a photo from the day we met, I think.”


While Mendes was doing promotion for his Handwritten album, he was asked on Capital FM to play 'Lips, Wife, Leave It' (a radio-friendly version of f**k marry kill).

When the time came to choose between Cabello, Jade Thirlwall of Little Mix fame or actress Chloë Grace Moretz, he went with his former tour partner saying, "Because I know Camila well, I'd probably wife Camila," adding that she'd be a good wife because "she rocks."

Then came their first duet together, the summer single and certified bop I Know What You Did Last Summer, which debuted in November.

“We were just backstage hanging out, I pulled out my guitar and we were just messing around, not really thinking about writing a song," Mendes told Rolling Stone about the collaboration, which happened after he ran into Cabello while he was opening for Taylor Swift.

“That was the first time we had ever really spent more than a few minutes talking to each other," she said.

Dating rumors swiftly ensued, with Mendes telling People they were “just really close friends.” He insisted they never dated but fanned the flames by saying they had an "instant connection." They even received their own couple name: Shawmila.

In late 2015, James Corden asked Mendes if the two were dating or had ever made out during an episode of The Late Late Show.

When they said they weren't dating Corden replied, "I really don't believe you."

Mendes said that every time he would "try to make a move" Cabello "swerves me off,” but she denied those allegations fast. “He friend zones me, he calls me kid!” she exclaimed. "You have never tried to make a move!" she said.

Corden said, "Sounds to me like you both might love each other."


2017 wasn’t quite as eventful for the pop stars. Mendes did call her “girlfriend material” but not before maintaining that they were in fact still just friends.

They released a short video covering the Ed Sheeran song Kiss Me, although much to the chagrin of their fans, they never actually kissed during it.


This was the year they took their friendship to the next level... by braiding each other’s hair backstage.

Mendes called the Havana singer his “favorite person in the whole world.” Unfortunately, that wasn’t confirmation they were together. She was dating relationship host Matthew Hussey and Mendes was spotted canoodling with Hailey Baldwin, pre-Justin Bieber.

In March, the Canadian singer told radio show host Zach Sang, "We were just vibing and the song happened and I think that's when the best music comes," about their collaboration.

In April, he complimented her as an artist when he said, "I don't think you'll ever meet somebody who can feel emotion like her, in all aspects. She can feel hurt like no other, but she can feel love like no other."

That same month, she shared a handful of photos with the Calvin Klein underwear model on Instagram.

In December, they hinted at their next collab.


And that brings us to the year their relationship was officially confirmed - all hail Shamila.

They collaborated on ‘Señorita’ in June, which quickly became the song of the summer.

But more importantly, they were spotted canoodling and snapped sharing a kiss.

They were photographed kissing in Miami, seemingly confirming their relationship with full-on PDA.


They then took to Instagram in September to poke fun at themselves, as fans joked about how they looked like fish when kissing.

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But the next month, things got a bit more serious when Cabello addressed their relationship during a radio interview with UK’s Capital Breakfast show. “We’re pretty happy,” she said, when asked about Mendes, “I really, really love him a lot.”

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Since then, Shawmila hasn’t shied away from PDA. The couple has been spotted kissing courtside at an NBA game, and, of course, they’ve walked hand-in-hand on several red carpets.

At the 2019 AMAs, Mendes and Cabello took home the Collaboration of the Year award for ‘Señorita.’ They performed their hit, leaving the audience (and pal Taylor Swift) blushing as they teased a kiss onstage.

Here's to a lifetime of collaboration - they do make it seem so easy.