Sheridan Smith Was 'Locked In Her Dressing Room' After Appearing 'Drunk' On West End Stage

Last week Sheridan Smith was forced to deny accusations that she was drunk on stage during a West End performance of ‘Funny Girl’, but new reports have claimed that the actress was locked in her dressing room following the meltdown.


The Mail Online report that Sheridan attempted to carry on with the show despite not being in the right state to do so, forcing staff members to keep her backstage.

A witness claims that there was a lot of shouting before Sheridan left the room and she headed straight for the stage wings to continue with her performance.

They explained to the site: “Sheridan ran to the curtain to try to lift it up, and carried on a four-letter tirade.”

The production originally planned for Sheridan’s understudy to take over but after forty minutes they just told the audience to go home due to “technical difficulties”.

However, many audience members have accused Sheridan of being drunk and “slurring her words”, with Abigal Richter - who payed £123 for top tickets - saying: “It was an unbelievable disaster. Sheridan was all over the place. At one point, she was standing centre stage and her leg goes from underneath her.

"She started in a Bronx accent but slipped into Irish. Then there was a dance scene where at one point she grabbed the dancers’ b***s. She walked off and they literally just dropped the curtains.”

Another audience member wrote online: “I don’t mean to sound nasty at all, but the show was really uncomfortable viewing from the start. Sheridan was slurring her words and forgetting her lines.”

A spokesperson for Sheridan denied claims that she had been drinking, saying: “I have spoken to my client and this is categorically not true.”

Sheridan had previously lashed out at production staff of the show, threatening them with legal action after they allegedly tried to force her to perform immediately after her father was diagnosed with cancer.

She tweeted at the time: “You have no idea what I’m getting pressured into. They don’t give a f*ck about my dad.”

Sheridan has not yet commented on last week’s events.