Sherrie Hewson calls for Benidorm revival as ITV show's popularity soars on Netflix

Sherrie Hewson in Benidorm
-Credit: (Image: ITV / Tiger Aspect)

Sherrie Hewson, known for her extensive acting credentials, has re-emerged on our television screens, taking up the role of manipulative Martha Blake in Hollyoaks aired on E4. Despite this new venture, she reveals a longing to return as her iconic character Joyce Temple-Savage from hit series Benidorm.

Acting as the esteemed hotel manageress of Solana hotel for five seasons, Sherrie's portrayal of Joyce often led to clash with guests, combining power with sass. It's a role that she evidently relished, reports the Mirror.

Debuted on ITV and ran from 2007 to 2018, Benidorm has recently seen a resurgence in its popularity since becoming available on Netflix. This spike in viewership has encouraged Sherrie to appeal for a revival of the show.

She expressed her hopes stating: "I think Benidorm is bigger now than when we were actually on television. People stop me and say, 'I'm rewatching Benidorm again.' It's been in the top 10 on Netflix," reports OK!

Sherrie went on to reflect further feelings of fondness towards the show: "There's nothing on telly like it, is there? I call it Carry On funny because it's a very British sense of humour. I'd definitely go back we all loved our time on Benidorm. I say they should make a film out of it."

Not only does she reminisce about the series, she also maintains relationships with former cast mates.

She confirmed by stating: "I'm still in touch with a lot of the cast still," she said. "Tony Maudsley [who played Kenneth Du Beke] and I speak every other day. We never stop talking about Benidorm - it was 10 years of our lives."

Sherrie Hewson is causing a stir in Hollyoaks, playing the formidable character of Martha, who is determined to protect her granddaughters Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) and Dilly Harcourt (Emma Johnsey-Smith) from their untrustworthy uncle Jez Blake (Jeremy Sheffield). Sherrie hinted that despite her character's protective nature, Martha is not someone to be underestimated.

"I've never been an out-and-out villain before, I just love it! " Sherrie enthusiastically revealed. "Joyce Temple-Savage [Sherrie's Benidorm character] was a bit of a b***h, but very funny."

Sherrie also discussed her less glamorous appearance for the role, contrasting it with her previous characters: "I don't look fabulous in terms of makeup and eyelashes like I had in Benidorm. I look horrendous! " she chuckled. "But I tell myself I'm playing this wicked character so I can't have that."

The actress previously spoke about joining Hollyoaks, saying: "It's been a roller coaster joining Hollyoaks! The character is just wonderful to play. Everyone is so lovely such a great atmosphere to work in and so welcoming. We laugh a lot, what more could you ask for."