WATCH: 'She's no Danny Dyer!' fans lay into Cheryl's 'boring' Who Do You Think You Are? episode

It’s been a cracking series so far; with viewers seeing Jeremy Paxman cry and Danny Dyer discovering he has blue blood. Cor blimey!

So, Cheryl might be wishing she’d declined the offer of going on ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ after fans of the popular series took to Twitter and moaned she was “boring” in comparison and had the “personality of a spatula” as her episode aired on BBC One last night.

Cheryl (BBC)

Cheryl (BBC)

The former ‘X factor’ judge discovered her great-grandfather had illegitimate twins with the housekeeper, leading to the birth of her grandmother.

Unfortunately, the juicy family secret wasn’t enough to satisfy the appetite of viewers at home, who it seemed wanted the pregnant singer to cry, show more enthusiasm – other than repeat the word “wow” over and over – and to reveal much more about herself.


Chezza explained to camera: “I’m quite extrovert on the performance and showbiz side but in my private everyday life I’m quite reserved.”

But the Newcastle-upon-Tyne born star couldn’t escape the wrath of fans.

The show was supposed to track her Geordie roots as coal miners and mariners and tell her something new about her geneology.

But her doe-eyed expression and carefully formulated ‘wows’ were enough to lead some viewers to believe Cheryl was faking her reaction as she flicked through her dad’s old photographs.

Another fan said: “It’s amazing what celebrities uncover. Cheryl has just discovered that she was born Cheryl Tweedy.”

Maybe Chezza just wasn’t feeling very sentimental on the day of filming.

After all, the 33-year-old star is building a family of her own with her boyfriend Liam Payne, so we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say her mind is currently elsewhere.