Shijiazhuang Resident Captures Lockdown Life in Chinese Coronavirus Hot Spot

Millions of people were under a strict lockdown in Shijiazhuang, in China’s Hebei province, as the city recorded a recent spike of coronavirus cases.

According to reports, Shijiazhuang recorded 309 new coronavirus cases from January 2 to January 12.

The city of 11 million people has been in lockdown since January 7. Deputy mayor Meng Xianghong said residents and vehicles cannot leave the city.

Wang Zicheng, a resident who lives in a high-risk area, Gaocheng district in Shijiazhuang city, documented an outing in the city during the lockdown.

In this video, he uses disinfectant to clean elevator buttons in his apartment building.

Wang told Storyful that he couldn’t leave his residential precinct but he kept a positive attitude.

“Thanks for the efforts of the government and our property managers, residents can maintain a normal life. The new cases hadn’t made our life difficult. Our life is full of hope,” Wang said. Credit: Wang Zicheng via Storyful