Shogun season 2 seems likely as main star inks deal to return

 Hiroyuki Sanada as Lord Yoshii Toranaga.
Hiroyuki Sanada as Lord Yoshii Toranaga.

Hiroyuki Sanada has closed a deal to return as Lord Yoshii Toranaga – which means a season 2 is likely on the horizon.

According to Deadline, other details are "still being worked out and deals are being finalized" so that FX can officially take Shogun to a second season. The limited series was an unexpected hit, sitting at a nearly perfect score of 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. Following its February 26 premiere, the series pulled in 9 million viewers across Hulu, Disney Plus, and the Latin American streamer Star Plus in just the first six days of its release.

Per the official synopsis, Shogun follows "the collision of two ambitious men from different worlds, John Blackthorne, a risk-taking English sailor who ends up shipwrecked in Japan, a land whose unfamiliar culture will ultimately redefine him; Lord Toranaga, a shrewd, powerful daimyo, at odds with his own dangerous, political rivals; and Lady Mariko, a woman with invaluable skills but dishonorable family ties, who must prove her value and allegiance." It's based on the 1975 Jams Clavell novel of the same name, which is considered to be a work of historical fiction.

Created by Rachel Kondo and Top Gun: Maverick writer Justin Marks, the cast includes Sanada, Cosmo Jarvis, Anna Sawai, Tadanobu Asano, Takehiro Hira, Tommy Bastow, and Fumi Nikaido. So far Sanada is the only cast member who has signed on to reprise their role.

Shogun season 1 is streaming now on Hulu. For more, check out our list of the best new TV shows coming your way in 2024 and beyond.