Shop owner travelled 500 miles to attack woman after she left negative online review

Nick Reilly

CCTV has captured the moment that an online clothes merchant viciously attacked a woman who left
him a bad review, having travelled 500 miles to carry out the assault.

The young woman, named as Xiao Li, was recorded on security camera in the city of Zhengzhou in eastern China’s Henan Province as she waited at a delivery spot for the clothes she had ordered.

The order was four days late and she had complained about the delay on online marketplace Taobao.

Xiao Li is seen lying on the floor after the attack (AsiaWire)
Xiao Li is seen lying on the floor after the attack (AsiaWire)
Zhang is seen attacking Xiao Li after travelling 500 miles (Picture: AsiaWire)
Zhang is seen attacking Xiao Li after travelling 500 miles (Picture: AsiaWire)

But while she believed that the matter would be resolved once she received her clothes, the vendor was reportedly furious and had threatened to kill her.

The vendor, who is known only as Zhang, is seen kicking Xiao as she peers at her phone.

He then repeatedly kicks and slaps her, causing her to stumble and fall before he eventually leaves the scene.

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The woman was taken to hospital, where she received treatment for injuries including concussion.

As she lay in her hospital bed, she received another message from Zhang, in which he claimed he had travelled more than 500 miles from Suzhou so he could “teach her a lesson”.

He also warned that he could attack her again.

Xiao Li required hospital treatment (AsiaWire)
Xiao Li required hospital treatment (AsiaWire)

Police have declined to comment but confirmed they were investigating. Zhang is yet to be arrested.

The incident follows a similar case from last September, when a husband was nearly beaten to death in his home in China by a group of thugs after his wife left a negative restaurant review online.

The restaurant owner later explained to police that he was concerned
the review would hurt his eatery’s fine reputation.