Shopkeeper fights off robber with a mop

The moment a shopkeeper used a mop to ward off an armed robber has been caught on CCTV.

Dinesh Gorania, 52, came face to face with a mask-wearing intruder, who brandished a two-foot long machete during the attempted raid.

But Mr Gorania stood up for himself and grabbed the nearest thing he could find – a mop – an odd choice of weapon some might think.

While the bizarre altercation took place, the raider’s two cowardly accomplices stayed outside.

Speaking with Yahoo! News, Mr Gorania said: “My son had just brought in a sign from outside as we were closing up. I was mopping the floor in the corner of the shop when one of the men stormed in with a metal knife. I picked up the mop and shouted to my son to stay away. I fought with him. He then left.”

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Son Kishan, 21, also joined in on the action last Friday night at Mr Gorania’s convenience store in Rushden, Northamptonshire, by picking up a hockey stick in a bid to protect his father.

Unfortunately, the intruder fled but not without smashing the windows of their two cars first, added Mr Gorania.

Northamptonshire Police are now investigating the incident. If anyone has information, contact HQ Northamptonshire on 03000 111 222.

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