Shoppers expected to hoover up on last sales of powerful vacuum cleaner as EU ban comes into force

The EU ban comes into force on September 1 (Rex)
The EU ban comes into force on September 1 (Rex)

That sucks!

A European-wide ban on powerful vacuum cleaners came into force today.

The restriction has been brought into place in an effort to reduce the noise and energy consumption produced by the powerful devices.

From September 1, stores are banned from selling vacuums that consume more than 900 Watts.

However, shops are still anticipating there may be a last minute rush to buy the vacuum cleaners as retailers are allowed to sell powerful models remaining in their stockrooms, despite the ban coming into force.

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Some electrical stores, including Curry’s PC World has even announced it will give ‘special discounts’ on the last of the powerful machines.

Other shops have boosted prices on the machines as last-minute shoppers rush to get the vacuum cleaners.

Some stores have bumped up prices more than 25 per cent, according to a survey from retail, analyst Love The Sales.

Brussels says the ban is an environmental move (Rex)
Brussels says the ban is an environmental move (Rex)

It is the second change brought in by Brussels.

In September 2014 the EU ordered the energy consumption of new vacuum cleaners to be limited to 1,600W.

However, non of the changes apply to changes apply to cordless vacuums, which generally consume less than 500W.

Europe says the new rules will help consumers save money and will be good for the environment.

Brussels estimates that Europe could save 2-TWh (terawatt hours) of electricity per year by 2020, which is the equivalent of the annual household electricity consumption in Belgium.

And it claims million tonnes of CO2 will not be emitted – the same as the annual emissions of eight medium sized power plants.